Conference speakers

If you would like to be added to our list of POC/BAME/non-white library conference speakers, please email or tweet us with your name, job title, email and workplace.

Jennifer Bayjoo

Research Services Advisor at Leeds Beckett University * @epicbayj * @libdiverse * @BeckettResearch

I would love to speak at conferences about diversity in libraries (I am the founder of DILON), open access, new professionals, REF, research, pedagogy, social media and open data. My career and interests are listed on LinkedIn and my publications are available open access here.

Amy Campbell

Information Services Librarian at Leeds Beckett University

Natasha Chowdory

Database Officer at Tuffin Ferraby Taylor (Birmingham)

@InfoPro_Tasha * LinkedIn

Natasha Chowdory has taught English abroad, worked as an intern in charities and government departments and found herself as a librarian at Microsoft for 5 years. This was followed by a stint at Oxfam as an Information, Knowledge and Communications Officer where she was sent to Bangladesh to work on the Rohingya Crisis. She’s a member of the Special Libraries Association, having won a Career Development Award in 2015 as well as serving as Chair of the Professional Development Committee for one year. She’s never worked in a university library, public library or law library.

Natalia Gordon

Information Services Librarian at Leeds Beckett University

Like many people, I have found myself in the happy position of working in libraries.  Currently, I work at Leeds Beckett University Library where I maintain the reading list management system.  Though my achievement of an FHEA, I have explored the use of reading lists as a pedagogical tool and developed a keen interest in recent approaches to diversifying the curriculum and its reading lists.  As an avid consumer of pop culture throughout my life, I am profoundly aware of the burden of representation and theories of intersectionality.  I have experience speaking at conferences, and I am happy to talk about working in libraries, using reading lists as pedagogical tools, diverse curriculums, representation and pop culture influences.

Hong-Anh Nguyen

Information Centre Manager at The King’s Fund * LinkedIn * Work bio

I’m currently part of my organisation’s work on diversity and am happy to talk openly and honestly about the challenges we are facing. The work has involved undertaking some research into staff experience of microaggressions and developing actions for our senior management team to commit to. I’m also happy to talk about dealing with public enquiries, using grey literature to support research in health care and the library role in sense-making too!

Ludi Price 柏詠璇

Senior Library Assistant (Far Eastern Languages) at SOAS and Researcher at Centre for Information Science (City, University of London) * LinkedIn

Working at SOAS, I have contact with a multicultural student body and staff. Due to the specialist nature of the collection, language expertise is essential for staff, and many of my colleagues in the library are from all around the world. I also work with , the Library and Information Science department at City, University of London. This puts me into close contact with students – librarians and information professionals of the future – many of whom are POC, and/or come from overseas.