Blog for us

We are looking for people to contribute to our DILON blog and yes, it could be you!

POC/BAME/non-white library folk

We are interested in what you have to say about anything related to race or libraries. Tell us about your role, a new project you’ve worked on, your views on the sector or an event you’ve attended.

Tell us about being BAME in libraries, what it feels like, what angers you, what you think we can do.

If you prefer, we can do an interview about your career so far?

And if you want to write something, anything, please drop us a line to for a friendly chat.

Non-BAME/white library people

Are you or your workplace doing something specific to help POC librarians and new professionals? Would the rest of the sector be interested and could they learn from your project?

If so, please email us on

Honestly, if nobody responds I’ll be forced to write everything myself and include tired pop culture references ✌🏽