About us

Welcome to Diversity in Libraries of the North (DILON)!

We are a friendly and active group made up of BME/POC/non-white library and information professionals.



To advocate for diversity in libraries in the north of England;

To provide a safe space for minorities to discuss their experiences;

To advise conferences and events about diverse panels and speakers;

To showcase the work of our members;

To act without pretension or exclusion;

To encourage and support our members and the wider library community.



Membership is for POC/BME/non-white/ethnic people who work in a library or information profession in the north of England. We have restricted our membership to provide a safe space for discussion of experiences and our limited resources mean that we are currently focusing our effort in the north.

We welcome support from our allies from all backgrounds, in all library roles and in all locations.

We believe in intersectionality and support other minorities such as women and LGBTQ+ people.


What can I do?

If you identify as a POC, BME or non-white and work in a library or information role in the north of England, please  fill in our membership form and we will add you to our mailing list. Members can write blog posts, attend meet-ups, plan events, speak at conferences and share experiences.

If you do not meet our criteria for membership but would like to show your support, please follow and engage with us on twitter @libdiverse, read this blog, recommend us, attend our formal events and continue to educate yourself.

Anyone can send ideas, suggestions, comments and memes to libdiverse@gmail.com